CHANGE in PLAN Career Services

Affordable Outplacement Services

Why would an Employer use CHANGE in PLAN’s Outplacement Services?  We realize that parting ways with employees is not an enjoyable experience for either party.  We want to help make the process as positive as possible.  Once you determine that you are going to have to part ways with a member (members) of your team, we can come in and help make a smooth transition.  We can provide personalized and cost effective services delivered to an individual, or a group.

For the out placed Employee, each individual will not only receive individual council, but also a notebook summarizing discussions to take home and utilize throughout their search  We will also provide structured follow up via email and phone.  This will ensure their search is going in the right direction.  This is where our extensive knowledge of the regional marketplace will come into play.  We will help in any way we can.

    Employer Benefits of Outplacement Services

    • Helping to create good will with affected employees and maintain a good reputation within your marketplace
    • Reducing multiple adverse effects- Litigation, Wrongful Termination, Non-Compete issues....
    • Add to your benefit offerings while reducing your cost of benefits elsewhere and lowering unemployment tax and Cobra liability
    • Providing a comprehensive and affordable package for the affected employee that helps them get back on their feet
    • Improves moral and retention of employees

    Outplaced Employee Benefits

    • Personality evaluation
    • Strategic plan of action 
    • Resume evaluation 
    • Cover letter assistance  
    • Introduction to Internet Research  
    • Job Board Pros and Cons  
    • Social Media utilization 
    • Networking Assistance
    • Interview skill review
    • Counsel-Support-Follow Up
    • Much more..........